Red Tent Women's Circle 

All Women welcome! We gather in circle at the time of the dark moon to remember our ancestors and acknowledge the wounds of the past. We honour the cyclical nature of the Cosmos, the Earth and our Magnificent Bodies. Together we can own our power and lift each other up to our full potential.

Everything is welcome! You are invited to feel, actively listen, support others and share what you have learned for the good of all. Bring your story, your tears, your blood, your practice, books, instruments, and any sacred objects to this magical space. This is a collaboration and a celebration, where we each have an opportunity to just well as release, break-down, get angry, shine or blossom and create the new world while being witnessed and held by powerful Sisters. Let's support each other!

May we continue this important work of awakening the Blood Mysteries and honouring the Divine Feminine.

So much love, respect and reverence for you all.

Find out about the next Red Tent and join the community here.

Top image Matias lemaitre

Red Tent @ Earth Beat Festival 2019 - Atiu Creek NZ

Red Tent @ Earth Beat Festival 2019 - Atiu Creek NZ