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Moon Bathing
Women’s Nude Yoga

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A testimonial from one of my mentors - Ellie Wilde, Conscious Sexuality Coach in Mount Maunganui:

“I attended one of Priya‘s naked yoga classes. It was beautifully held. The atmosphere was gentle, and calm , yet so much fun. Highly recommend it’s so liberating!!”


For me being naked in front of other women, is like a celebration of the inner journey. I have always had comments made to me about my body, 'oh you are so lucky, so slim, such a good bum!'. But my battle has never been with weight, it has been with my skin and illness.

There have been many times when I thought my body had betrayed me, I hated it, and I hated myself!

In adolescence my beautiful young skin erupted into a severe case of cystic acne. I was mortified by my own face and couldn't look in the mirror without crying. The doctors put me on every hard-core pill, antibiotic and pharmaceutical drug with terrible side effects and barely any relief. The damage was done pretty quickly, with scars you can see today and a massive loss of self-esteem which lasted decades.

I also suffered monthly migraines, anxiety and depression during these years, associated with hormonal imbalance and a lack of nutrition knowledge. I honestly didnt trust or love my body and when I left school I went on to punish it with all the narcotics, alcohol, lack of sleep and abuse I could possibly cram in!

As a result my 20's brought eczema. Weeping itchy sores that covered my legs, arms, hands, scalp and face. This brought with it a whole new layer of anxiety and I was quickly prescribed cortisone cream which I used relentlessly for the next few years.

This over-use of steroid cream would eventually contribute to my burn-out: adrenal fatigue and auto-immune hyper-thyroidism in my early thirties.

Already a Yoga teacher by this stage, practicing Power Vinyasa with little regard for my body and its need for balance, love and rest. Suddenly becoming bed-ridden was a massive blow to my ego! I had no idea what was happening to me. I stopped ovulating and my boobs shrunk. No period for a year!

It was at this stage, when the doctors couldn't help, I couldn't support myself or continue with expensive Naturopathic remedies, that I turned to Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

I started calming my mind, listening and talking to my body (instead of judging it) and began to educate myself.

I slowly and completely changed my whole diet, which helped my skin dramatically. I stopped using anything unnatural in or on my body.

Slowly I was able to return to Yoga, but a different kind of Yoga - intuitive Yoga. I started listening to my energy and moon cycle to decide whether I needed a gentle flow or Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Hatha or to just sit, nap, cry or get into nature. I started to communicate with my body. I began to work with it, instead of against it or in spite of it.

My most recent Yoga Teacher training at The Practice Bali, 3 years ago, was a major breakthrough, helping me overcome those debilitating Samskaras and finally learn to trust my body again. Getting my strength back and being able to actually practice Sun Salutations again was the most profound feeling.

I found a friend in my body, I could see that it was actually on my side and that all along it had been trying to give me a message about a much deeper 'unlovable' belief.

Now my skin is the best it has ever been and I love it, where before I was afraid to leave the house. I now can finally honestly say I love my body, because without her, without my health, I cannot even experience this life

Ultimately, this journey to loving the skin I'm in and choosing to let my scars be seen, could not have come without the inner work. To stand naked is the ultimate form of self-respect, acknowledging my true worth and seeing the beauty of who I really am, beyond my physical form.

❤ Priya